Bring your dog back to life thanks to these Korean scientists and cloning

Bring your dog back to life thanks to these Korean scientists and cloning

Dog cloning may sound like a science-fiction movie storyline. However, a South Korean company has based its business on it.

The company in question is called SooamBiotech Research Foundation, which has been working since 2006 with up to 800 cloned dogs under his belt. His goal is to bring dead dogs back to life, charging just $ 100,000 per animal. But they don’t just have dog cloning as a business, they also work cloning cows or pigs for biomedical research or breed preservation.

The idea may sound idyllic for those great animal lovers, or for those who have developed a very strong bond with their pet, reaching the point of crossing the line of the sentence until death do us part. But is this ethical? Is it plausible to dedicate oneself to being gods and thus playing with nature?

Dog cloning, an ethical practice?

For the Sooam FoundationIt is clear that dog cloning is a great service. In fact they sell it as a psychological alternative to the traditional method, which would involve simply letting our pet just stay with us in our memory (and nothing else). But Sooam researcher and spokesman Wang Jae-Woong believes it is perfectly feasible.

As we mentioned, the majority service of this company is the cloning of dogs, but they have also specialized in cloning of cattle and pigs with the purpose of being used for biomedical research, particularly to develop models of genetically modified animals of certain diseases.

Looking at its largest client base, interested in dog cloning, we can find a huge base of princes, celebrities, and billionaires from all over the world.

How Dog Cloning Works

For this dog cloning process the animal is not frozen, it is simply cooled in a refrigerator wrapped with damp towels. Five days after being delivered to the company facility, it is now possible to collect a mature dog cell to be cultivated and extract its DNA. This genetic material is fused with a donated egg, but empty. Finally, the embryo of this whole process is implanted in a substitute female dog. AND, voilaTwo months later your old dog has come to life as a new puppy.

At the moment the Sooam company does not lack publicity after having five times cloned Trakr, a rescue dog who found the last survivor of the World Trade Center last September 11.

Now, as a great objective, the company wants try to clone a mammoth from some frozen remains of Siberia.

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