Can we use a banana as a console controller?

Can you imagine playing your favorite PlayStation video games using a banana as a console?

This is what Sony raises with its System and method to generate user inputs for a video game, a patent in whose description this fruit can be appreciated, or any other object, as a possible alternative controller for use with this console.

It was in July 2020 when Sony patented this system, which proposed to have any object to be used as a PlayStation controller, including a banana, which was taken as an example to show how effective this system can be by allowing that a simple object without any type of electronic mechanism can be used as a peripheral to play video games.

It should be noted that, to be used as a console, the object must not be luminous and must be held in the user’s hands, so that both can be recorded by a camera, which will be in charge of following the movements made by them depending on its colors, contours and pixels.

Through this process it becomes possible to get almost any object to use as a PlayStation controller.

In addition, the patent will grant authority to the camera to generate virtual buttons on the selected object to be used as a command, so that when pressing a specific area of ​​it, it is interpreted as the pressing of a button.

However, it is necessary to understand that the registration of a patent does not guarantee that the idea is necessarily under development or in the commercialization stage, it is simply a preventive measure taken by Sony to demonstrate its ownership of this technology and prevent others from taking out take advantage of it.

We have to wait and see if the company later undertakes the task of making this project tangible and offering users the opportunity to live this experience.

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