Carbon, to back up Android applications and data

Koushik Dutta, known as Koush, is the creator of various applications for advanced users of Android terminals. Its last application, which at the moment is not available on Google Play, is called Carbon, and its mission is to allow users to create backups and subsequent restoration at the necessary time of the installed applications, which will have to be selected. , as well as the data associated with them.

To do this, it allows Google Drive, SD storage cards, and the desktop system itself to be used as storage systems, where the files will also be encrypted for greater security. Dropbox is also covered but is currently not functional. It should be noted that this is a beta application and that it will be available for a period of one week.

So to use this application, you will have to resort to the link that Koush himself has published in his personal Google+ account as well as have root access. When the final version is released, it will not be necessary to have root access.

Koush leaves in his own publication a video demonstrating how the application works, showing the need to identify himself with Google accounts in order to use it. As a curious note, Koush has chosen to use trollface as Carbon’s symbol of identification, although it is a provisional measure until the final version is released.

Link: Koush’s post on Google+ | Goes: Androidpolice

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