CCleaner 5.0 now available to clean our Windows

CCleaner 5.0 now available to clean our Windows

CCleaner It has been for many years the preferred option for Windows users to clean the trash that was on their computers. Piriform has been continuously improving the application in different ways. A few weeks ago a beta version of version 5.0 was already revealed, although it has not been until today that we have been able to get the glove on his final work.

CCleaner 5.0 is already among us. A version that, although it apparently brings few improvements, it does include enough. As soon as we open the program, we will be able to verify that the graphic aspect has undergone a little remodeling. The options are practically the same– The Hard Disk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Additional Tools, and Options.

Equally efficient cleaners

The tool is focused on the goal of helping us keep our system in complete order and almost pristine. CCleaner 5.0 includes two cleaners: the hard drive cleaner and the registry cleaner. First will take care of deleting all those files that are repeated, have been left behind by uninstalled programs or that could be a problem. If you have already used other previous versions you should not have problems in this regard. Everything stays more or less the same.

With the registry (for which there is also a utility in the app) something similar happens with the hard drive. After installing and uninstalling various programs, its stability will become more complicated, leaving some garbage that we can clean with the project. We will also have the opportunity to save backup copies.

Other equally interesting tools

Also mention that CCleaner includes other tools Although they are not the main ones, they will help us in the same way. For example, we will have a utility to uninstall programs, another to modify those that will start with the system, and others to find repeated files, restore the system, eliminate free disk space.

There are not many news about it, but we have to mention them because they will be very useful for you minor operations. We recommend that you take a look at it so that you can get all the juice out of the application.

What about what’s new?

At the visual level, CCleaner does not incorporate many new features. But internal level I know we have interesting features. For example, it includes support for Google Chrome plugins and applications, which can be managed within the tools of the project itself. Anyway, don’t panic if you don’t see new features that are not tangible, as development has focused on many features that are almost invisible.

We encourage you to take a look at the program. It does not matter that the new version has focused on internal news. That is what really matters, since It will be vital so that your computer is in perfect condition.

CCleaner version 5.0 is out available on its official website, free of charge. The program is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Official page | CCleaner

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