Charging the mobile with through the air will be possible thanks to this simple case

Charging the mobile with through the air will be possible thanks to this simple case

A few years ago, wireless charging seemed like a thing of the future. Charging the phone simply by placing it on a base in its early days was seen as an unmatched innovation. But there is still to comethe actual wireless charge,that is, it is charged with wireless waves. Something to be possible thanks to the CES in Las Vegas 2019, in which Spigen together with Ossia have presented an iPhone case capable of doing this.

Spigen Forever Sleeve, the case to charge your mobile with Wi-Fi

Ossia has always been a brand that has been working on the supply of energy by wireless waves, or also known as charging through the air. This load has already been shown previously in other ESCs, but this time the firm has joinedwith Spigen, well-known cover firmto create one that brings this technology to your mobile.

The operation is simple. First place the mobile by connecting it through the Lightning port (obviously) in the case. The cover in this case collects the wavesof an emitter located on the roof and in certain parts of the housethat releases waves that the housing converts into usable energy.

The case that for now is designed for the iPhone X has an approximate range of between 3 and 5 meters from the emitter of the waves. Ossia at CES has presented its new version of this wireless technology, going from an initial 2.4 GHz toa 5.8 GHz network.The upgrade will increase both the range and power of your wireless power delivery, while reducing the size of both required transmitter and receiver chips, making it easier for manufacturers to integrate charging technology into compatible products. .

This technology may end up completely wired charging in the future. Let’s put a hypothetical situation in which said receiver and emitter chips are installed in the new generation telephones. We could charge the phone simply by activating an option and with the appropriate infrastructuresNo more relying on chargers to power our phone.

However, neither Ossia nor Spigen have been able to give dates for the commercialization of this technology. They assure that we will begin to see these first covers in 2020 at the latest, so we have to wait. It’s a shame; This idea seems great to us and a future in which we forget about cables is finally almost as distant as it is precious.

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