Chess Opener, to analyze chess openings from the web

Chess lovers have many online projects that they can use to entertain themselves, improve and analyze their techniques. There are so many that years ago we dedicated an exclusive category for this type of project, Online Chess.

Years go by and projects continue to appear, and today we are presented with one specialized in openings.

This is Chess Opener, a fantastic project in which we can use the upper search engine to find openings of all kinds. Yes ponies what inFor example, you will have openings made with that name, and the game’s movements will be shown on the board.

Once we have the opening on the screen, we can select the games that have used it, seeing if they have won, tied or lost using said opening. It is possible to navigate through the plays using the lower controls, analyzing how each player has reacted to the initially defined opening.

We can also turn the board around, as well as abandon that game to return to another that uses the same opening or jump to the search engine at any time to find another.

If we do not want to use the search engine, we can also start moving the figures on the initial board, and show us in the right panel which famous openings begin like this, which also helps to know the names of the movements that we usually use in the day to day. gives.

An excellent project for learn by watching games already playedNot to play against other people or to play against the computer.

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