China to use the world’s largest radio telescope to search for alien life

For a long time, and mainly now with the declassification of a series of videos by the Pentagon a few weeks ago, showing the contact of military aircraft with unidentified flying objects, there are few who at this point can believe that human beings Humans are the only life forms inhabiting one of the billions of planets that make up our galaxy, not even governments.

In this sense, several countries have taken the initiative to search for extraterrestrial life using powerful telescopes and sophisticated technology.

This, in an attempt to cover as many areas as possible in the galaxy in which to detect some type of signal that indicates the presence of an entity with which we can establish a potential contact of the third type.

One of them has been China, which has been in the news these days because it will soon begin its mission to find signs of extraterrestrial life in the galaxy, using its FAST radio telescope, which has a diameter of no less than 500 meters. , making this the largest structure of its kind.

In this sense, the spherical telescope with an aperture of 500 meters, designated by the name of FAST, began its construction 10 years ago, being completed and then put into service in January of this year, a period in which it has allowed the discovery of around of 40 pulsars.

It is now that the managers of the FAST radio telescope have decided to take full advantage of this structure to focus its use from September on tracking extraterrestrial signals.

And it is that, according to the scientific director of FAST, Zhang Tongjie, in relation to the possibilities of finding extraterrestrial life, he expressed the following:

We have some interesting signal candidates, although it does not necessarily indicate that we will detect alien life soon, but that, if there is any transmitting signals, a radio telescope like this will represent a very useful tool to capture it.

What is clear is that it is not just about pointing to the right place, you also have to have the coincidence that an intelligent life on a planet is occurring in the same time frame as ours, and that is much more difficult, since that all species usually have an origin and an end, and that time period is usually very short if we take into account the age of the Universe.

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