Christian Heilmann from Mozilla tells us about Mozilla Marketplace and Firefox for Android # MWC2012

Mozilla, one of the largest existing companies when it comes to browsing the Web and the experience of browsing the Internet on tablets, smartphones and computers with the well-known Mozilla Firefox, opens the doors of its stand at the Mobile World Congress 2012 and Christian Heilmann, developer specialist in HTML5, gives us a tour of the news that Mozilla has prepared for us this year.

The main news that some of us have already heard about is that a few days ago they announced the opening of Mozilla Marketplace for Web Apps. This foundation will allow the creation and distribution of applications that work with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, which will allow them to work, basically, on any device that allows web browsing.

This in fact, we discussed with Christian, eliminates many limitations when creating applications, since they are directly developed and published being compatible for multiple devices and platforms. The Mozilla Marketplace is now open for developers to post their apps on the MWC dates, and will open for consumers to download later this year (the date is yet to be determined).

Another of the bombs that they show us at their stand and that I have had the pleasure of testing on a Samsung tablet is the Firefox version for Android, a simple, intuitive and powerful browser designed to work on all types of Android tablets and smartphones.

The basic functionality that stands out in the browser is that with it, based on the fact that we are Mozilla users on other platforms, we can synchronize our data and experiences on the Web and bring them to our smartphones and tablets so that our preferences, history and history are transferred to them. and passwords.

In addition, the browser allows us to customize the way we view our browsing experience (that is, it is fully customizable), it supports Flash and how not technologies that work with HTML5.

We want to thank Christian for the great demonstration and the time spent on Wwwhatsnew.

Christian Heilmann is a professional web developer with more than eleven years of experience behind him who has collaborated with companies such as Yahoo, Yahoo Answers or Yahoo Maps Europe. He has written two books on Javascript and written dozens of online articles on related topics, and currently imparts his knowledge of conference systems at conferences and at universities, earning him the title of International Developer Evangelist.

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