Chrome extension arrives to share Netflix and others but without sharing passwords

Although the main subscription services may not see it favorably, many people, in different parts of the world, are dedicated to sharing the passwords of the subscription services that they have contracted, with their families and / or or friends, usually sharing expenses halfway.

With this common practice, DoNotPay arrived last year, an extension for Chrome that allows the passwords of active subscriptions to be shared securely between senders and recipients.

This extension was recently removed from the Google Web Store, although now a new solution is coming, Keyring, the new extension for Chrome that allows you to share active subscriptions to different services but without the need to share their passwords, and limited to groups of a few people.

Keyring currently offers two options: share up to six subscriptions with up to three people for free, or share an unlimited number of subscriptions with up to five people for about $ 5 a month. In addition, a new option loaded with functions will come in the fall.

In this way, Keyring is trying to distance itself from DoNotPay through the limitations of groups of people, and is even working on new features, such as the ability to share subscription costs or unified searches for TV shows on all platforms.

According to TNW, they are also working to bring affordable content packages to the future in collaboration with content providers.

Regarding the supported services, it currently offers support for a variety of video streaming platforms, most of them available only in the United States, although it also offers support for a number of audio streaming platforms and digital news publications.

At the moment, the team behind this extension is not thinking about the possibility that their extension could suffer the same fate as the DoNotPay extension, although you never know if the extension will be maintained over time.

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