Chrome for Android has a new dynamic for form autocompletion

If you are one of those who like to save time when browsing the web and take advantage of Chrome’s autocomplete function, you would like to know one of the latest tests that the Google team is doing.

It is true that the autocompletion of Chrome forms can save us on many occasions, but it must be recognized that it is not so intuitive from the mobile.

When completing a form, Chrome shows all the data on the same tab, preventing the display of the rest of the options. While we are not going to make a mistake when filling in the data, we have to continually remove the autocomplete to see the selected sections.

This small problem will soon be a detail of the past, as the Google team is testing a new interface on Android that will be more intuitive and practical. Instead of displaying all the options together in a drop-down menu, it implements a bar above the keyboard that works as an autocomplete suggestion system.

It has the same dynamics that the keyboard shows when we type in the search bar or any text box showing word suggestions. In this case, we will show the data that we previously saved to complete the addresses and payment methods. So as we scroll through the form, and select a section, autocomplete suggestions will appear. We just click on the correct option and that’s it.

And in that same bar, you can easily scroll to the sections that correspond to passwords, addresses and cards. At the moment, you can only test this new dynamic in the development versions, you will not find it in the version you have installed on your mobile.

So you will have to wait for it to be implemented in one of the next versions of Google Chrome.

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