Chrome for Android tests the download scheduling feature

Google is working to integrate the new download scheduling feature into Chrome for Android, Techdows has discovered. When it arrives, users will be able to set the place, date and time to download the files from the web.

This is a very interesting function, taking into account that you are not always available to download files at the moment, either because you need a Wi-Fi connection due to the excessive size that they could have for downloading with the data connection, or even because It could affect the performance of other tasks that are running on the device, among other possibilities.

Improving downloads in Chrome on Android

For now, this function is available experimentally in Chrome 86 Canary, the corresponding flag must be activated. Of course, users who want to test this function, may find bugs or it simply does not work, which indicates that this function is still in an early development phase, having to improve on the way before finally reaching the stable version.

Those who want to go on an adventure can enable the new feature in Chrome 86 Canary by launching this version (once installed), visit chrome: // flags, search for Enable download later and in the drop-down menu point to Enable. Later they should restart the browser and try to download any file.

When downloading it, you will be offered the possibility of downloading it instantly, downloading it under Wi-Fi connection, or setting a date and time for downloading the corresponding file.

Despite the popularity of Chrome on Android, to date it has barely been offering download functions, forcing users to use third-party applications to manage their downloads.

The maximum that Chrome for Android still offers is the visualization of the completed downloads and the downloads in progress, without the possibility of organizing them by date, size or name. But this situation seems to be beginning to change.

We don’t know if Google plans to release more features for downloads.

Image Credit: Techdows

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