Chrome for Android will implement biometric authentication for card payments

Google Chrome for Android receive important news that give an extra security to the data we store in the browser.

Google wants to improve the experience of users who save data to facilitate logins, fill out forms or online purchases. The idea is that it is not only a fast process, but also safe.

To do this, one of the changes to apply is to use biometric authentication to complete the payment method. So far, when we make an online purchase with a debit or credit card, Chrome asks for the CVC even if we have the rest of the information saved.

To save this step for forgetful users, implement biometric authentication (eg fingerprints) as an option to obtain the CVC. So the next time you make an online purchase with your card, Chrome will ask you, after requesting the CVC, if you want to use biometric authentication for future purchases.

Of course, it is an option that you can change as many times as you want. On the other hand, the password autocomplete system has also been improved to make it easier to log in from the mobile.

So you will not have to complicate with different fields to fill in, since with a simple touch Google Chrome complete all the data that you have saved for the login. A simple and practical dynamic.

All these news will be implemented in Chrome for Android in the coming weeks.

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