Chrome has a new dynamic for finding and restoring closed tabs

Google Chrome add a new dynamic to help you find those tabs that you closed in your browsing session, without having to resort to history.

And also, this new function will allow you to manage all the tabs from the same section of the browser.

Chrome adds a new option to manage closed tabs

If you are one of those who accidentally close the open tabs that you still use, you will be happy to know that Chrome is about to solve your problem. While restoring a tab is as easy as going to Recently Closed within history, or using a keyboard shortcut, Google thinks it can make this action even easier with a new dynamic.

And for this, it will use the open tab browser that I implemented in one of the previous versions. In this search engine you will not only find all the open tabs, but also a new section is added for those that you have recently closed.

So you will only have to display the search engine icon to restore those web pages that you have closed by accident or that you want to consult again. A simple way to manage all the tabs, both open and closed, from the same place in the browser.

At the moment, this new dynamic is available in the Google Chrome Canary version, so we will have to wait for it to be implemented in the stable version. On the other hand, Google has already released version 90 of Chrome with a series of new features.

While you will not find any new features in its interface or any user-facing functionality, new dynamics are added thanks to the new AV1 codec optimized for video calls with WebRTC. This helps improve the quality of video calls and some of its most demanding functions from the browser, as it improves the compression process and reduces bandwidth consumption.

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