Chrome has a new section for you to check your web activity

Google Chrome is testing a new dynamic to show users all of their web activity.

Although we can use the web history to see all the pages we visit, Chrome wants to make this process even easier with a new dedicated section.

A new way to see our web activity in Chrome

The Google team is testing a new way to display web activity to users through a dedicated Memories page. In this section of the browser we will find all our activity in the browser, but with a very different organization than the one we find in the history.

And on the other hand, this section not only takes into account the websites that we have visited, but also saves the groups of tabs that we have created, the favorites that we add in Chrome, and even the search terms in Google.

You can see an example of the dynamics proposed by this new Chrome page in the image:

As you can see, it brings together the web searches, the web sites that we open directly in the browser and the rest of the elements that we mentioned before. This is not an option that is available in the stable version of Chrome, as it is in testing in Google Canary.

So if you want to test this dynamic, you will have to download that version of Chrome and then activate one of its experimental functions from chrome: // flags. Once you are on the Chrome test page, look for Memories and enable this feature. Then it only remains to restart the browser and go to this page: chrome: // memories.

You will see that your web activity is shown in different cards that you can go through or you can choose to use the search engine to find a specific element. At the moment, this new system for web activity is in tests, so we will have to wait until Google implements it in a future update of Chrome.

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