Chrome OS 90 arrives, with new applications and more functional

A few days after the new version of the Chrome web browser arrived on our desktops, Google is starting to launch the new version of the Chrome OS operating system to Chromebooks and Chromeboxs, incorporating a series of new features that make it more useful.

The arrival of the Diagnostic application, which allows users to know different aspects at the hardware level of their devices, including model, as well as the capacity, status, charge cycles carried out and more of the battery.

It also dares showing the processor and graphics, as well as their activity level, temperatures, current level, and more, and even with the memory installed in the system it does a bit of the same.

More accessibility, improved searches, and other news

On the other hand, this version also debuts the Live Caption function, the new accessibility tool, after coming to versions for Windows, Linux and macOS desktops a few months ago.

This function must be enabled within the advanced accessibility options in the system configuration to allow the subtitles of the downloaded audio files to be played (the processing will be done locally).

In addition, the Application Launcher will also be able to directly display a series of results online, like weather, word definitions, and more without needing to open a tab to search on Google.

The new version of Chrome OS also brings an application for users to can scan photos and documents with their printers, either connected by USB or wirelessly via WiFi.

Finally, Google Maps and YouTube will now open as separate applications, and in Files, Drive will allow access without an internet connection.

With all this and more, Chrome OS will be more functional, with some of these features planned to arrive over the next few weeks, although the system update will arrive throughout these days to the users.

Gone are those times in which functions that could be understood as so basic still had no place in Chrome OS, with the corresponding comparisons with traditional operating systems.

As we can see, Chrome OS no longer has anything to envy the main operating systems, even allowing access to Android applications, and more. It is also interesting that Chromebooks have become popular devices in school environments, so users of these devices will also enjoy these capabilities with the update that now begins.

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