Clean your Chrome from adware and other programs and extensions with this new Google program

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The curse of those of us who like to try new programs and install the first thing we see is that sooner or later we find a piece of malware that can mess up our day. For example, extensions that change the home page of our browser or that are dedicated to obtaining all the information that we type. Google is aware that, particularly on Windows, this can be a big problem.Hence the launch of a tool to remove all those unwanted parts of Chrome.

A clean browser

In particular, the program ensures that it scans and removes the software that can cause problems in Chrome, so in this sense it is somewhat limited. If we suspect that we have a virus in the system it is not the right program, but still can be useful if we only see that our browser behaves strangely. To the symptoms already mentioned as a strange home page, we can also find toolbars that we do not remember having installed, that the search engine is different, or that suddenly we see much more advertising on web pages, and more annoying.

There are two steps to Google’s method of solving those problems. On one side looks for installed programs and extensions and compares them to a blacklist, which curiously is not public; When it finishes scanning, the name of the suspicious programs is not displayed, but only the amount that has been detected. Google claims this is a measure to prevent attackers from simply renaming their programs. Once you have removed them, show us the menu to reset browser settings to original. Therefore, details such as the home page or the search engine will return to Google, all extensions will be disabled and the tabs will be closed. Likewise, all the cache will be erased, such as cookies, web data and started sessions. We can skip this last step, although it is recommended that we accept.

Download Software Removal Tool in Beta for Google Chrome

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