Close, one of the main subtitle websites in Spain

Although with giants like few will miss it, has stood out in recent years as one of the most popular websites for downloading movie subtitles, texts that are also protected by copyright, a site that allows you to find It files virtually any movie or series in multiple languages, including Spanish and English.

They spread the news with the message you see in the upper screenshot, published on Twitter, where they indicate that it will be tomorrow, June 30, when the doors are finally closed.

The reason is simple: they have been a victim of the Intellectual Property Law, a law that will come into effect from July 1, so they prefer to close before starting to receive complaints. The law reforms articles 270 and 271, alterations made to try to end piracy, with penalties of up to 4 years in prison, as we see in the official text:

Shall be punished by imprisonment for six months to four years and a fine of twelve to twenty-four months for anyone who, in order to obtain a direct or indirect economic benefit and to the detriment of a third party, reproduces, plagiarizes, distributes, communicates publicly or from any otherwise economically exploit, in whole or in part, a literary, artistic or scientific work or service, or its transformation, interpretation or artistic performance fixed on any type of support or communicated through any means, without the authorization of the owners of the corresponding intellectual property rights or their assignees.

The project code will be available in the next few days, although we do not know if they will make available the database of the many subtitles they had there, collected for more than seven years.

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