Collabio Spaces, to edit documents in groups without the need for the cloud

When we think of a collaborative Office platform, such as Google, Microsoft or Zoho, to give three examples, we cannot stop thinking about the cloud. Information is stored on the Internet, and users modify documents that are synchronized with each other thanks to the Internet. Without connection to the cloud, there would be no synchronization or collaboration, we will go back to the 90s.

But there is an option that can be used without cloud connection, and its name is Collabio Spaces, based on P2P.

It is an iOS solution that allows multiple people to co-edit a document locally, from a mobile device or desktop computer, without depending on the cloud. This has several advantages, such as being able to work without fear with confidential information, for example. The solution makes it unnecessary to notify other users and wait for their changes.

At the moment Collabio only works within the same local network, but in the future they are thinking of expanding the subject without the need to use a central server, as discussed in TC.

With this platform we can edit DOCX, ODT, XLSX and ODS, being possible to scan and recognize texts and images using a camera, annotate and comment on PDF files, electronically sign text and PDF documents and view presentations.

The Collabio app is only for MacOS and iOS for now, but the Android and Windows versions are in the works, scheduled for release this year.

You can download the app from

It is not the first to see that we see a solution oriented to productivity using P2P, although until now almost everything we have seen was focused on the storage and distribution of files (removing Peerpad, which is also an editor).

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