Color, Disney application for adult character coloring

Disney has an application from the past to or called Color, which enables the digital coloring of Disney and Pixar characters such as those of Frozen, The Lion King or Monsters Inc., among others.

The most curious thing is that in the case of Disney and a coloring application, the target audience of the application is aimed at the adult user instead of the child user, as one might initially think. The motive to focus on the adult public aims to serve as a relaxing experience through the coloring of characters. In this regard, in the different application markets we can also find a good number of coloring applications focused on adults with the aim of helping them reduce their stress and, in view of this, Disney has wanted to enter this niche of applications.In this sense, Disney Color is available for Android, iOS and Windows, in this case, both Windows 10 for mobile phones and Windows 10 for the desktop. Users who install it will only have to select the template, the type of tip and the color to start coloring, although in the case of Color, they also have the possibility of adding different types of effects on the colored templates themselves. The results, as it could not be otherwise, can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and even on Instagram.

But also, those who wish to have access to the complete collection of templates, users will be able to avail of the different subscription modalities, with a subscription for one week for $ 2.99, for one month for $ 7.99 or directly for one year. full for only $ 39.99, where in any case they will be renewable until their cancellation up to 24 hours after the expiration of the current subscription.

The application, as we say, is available in the respective markets of Android, iOS and Windows applications, having received a new update to the version of iOS today to receive new content.

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