compton, great way to make presentations remotely

We continue to show different options for making presentations online. If we talked about beamium a few days ago, today we will talk about Compton.

It is a free solution that allows you to create an account in a few seconds. Once we are inside, we will upload the images of our presentation (the slides or transparencies), generating a unique url that we can send to other people so they can see the content as we present it.

Compton offers tools that allow comments to be included in the slides as we present them, thus helping to write down everything our readers comment, and it is always possible to see access statistics so that we know who is viewing the images.

We can also mark and draw over the transparencies, helping to highlight specific content, as well as filing the presentations already made, adding descriptions and consulting statistics to verify the success of each one.

They highlight the fact of guaranteeing the transmission in high resolution of the presentations, so we will not suffer with the pixelated content that is sometimes seen in other alternatives.

So far they have not commented on any premium plan, although they will surely launch it later, when they have achieved enough popularity for such a plan to make sense.

As we discussed in the article on beamium: there are more and more free alternatives to PowerPoint solutions, but few that survive after a few years of operation.

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