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Coding video can be more difficult than we think if we do not have the right tools, and in that regard Handbrake has become a great alternative, and best of all, it has succeeded without abandoning its commitment to free software. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, the recent release of version 0.10 is a good excuse to brush up on its features and see what it’s capable of. Handbrake is a transcoder capable of working with all kinds of formats and codecs, in addition to its origin.

An essential program

For example, it is capable of obtaining multimedia files from DVDs and Blu-Rays of video, although by default it can only do so if they do not have protection; but if we install the necessary dependencies on our own (as libdvdcss in the case of DVDs), it will have no problem detecting and extracting the content. This content can then be converted to other more user-friendly formats, such as MP4 and MKV files, as well as using different cdecs depending on the medium that will play them, such as H.264 or MP3 and FLAC; with version 0.10 added to the list are H.265 and VP8, two codecs with little time behind them but which are already aiming to become the standard among fans.

If we are not sure what we are doing, we can always choose one of the default settings included, for all types of devices such as video game consoles, smartphones or tablets and Handbrake takes care of choosing the correct cdec, format and quality; The new version also adds a pre-configuration for Windows Phone. In terms of hardware support, if we have an Nvidia or AMD graphics card, OpenCL support is also added to scale: on the contrary, if we use Intel, compatibility with QuickSync is added to encode and decode.

Handbrake 0.10 is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download Handbrake 0.10 for Windows 64-bit.

Download Handbrake 0.10 for Windows 32-bit.

Download Handbrake 0.10 for Mac.

To install Handbrake in Ubuntu, just paste these commands into a terminal to add repositories and install the necessary package:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: stebbins / handbrake-releasessudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install handbrake-gtk

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