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Francisco Urea presents us with a new project in the category Improving the world. Is about, an initiative that aims fight against climate change with an original proposal:

[…] We encourage all those who wish to do so to become free shareholders of the world’s first climate bank, called Global Climate Bank (GCB).

It works as a bank where donors are companies and organizations from around the world that incorporate technologies and materials with which certain projects, programs or actions are developed, which have a positive effect on the climate level. Beneficiaries are all people who want to offset their personal carbon footprint.

The currency used is the thermal credits, which represent the direct or indirect compensation of 1 metric tons of carbon dioxide or the equivalent mass of another greenhouse gas.

The idea of ​​introducing thermal credits is due to the fact that they represent an alternative way of fighting against climate change, since current mitigation strategies based exclusively on renewable energy, although necessary, are not sufficient to avoid overheating that will shortly lead to the increase Exponential of GHG emissions to the atmosphere and that even in times of crisis, continues to beat maximums in the records.

We can thus monitor and audit programs and actions to determine if they meet established standards and requirements. Subsequently, the conversion of their savings from climatic impact is carried out, in thermal credit terms, being registered while waiting to be assigned to those citizens who decide to join for free any of the contemplated programs.

An interesting idea that you can consult at

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