Could an artificial intelligence rule a sustainable world in the future?

One of the main problems of the planet we live on is that each government has very particular and limited interests, without a global vision, so there is no sustainable policy that benefits humanity as a whole.

The problems of immigration, hunger, unemployment, the environment and the fight against a pandemic can only be solved if there is a synchronized movement on the part of all countries, and that is something very difficult to achieve.

If we take an example based on the current situation, we see how governments of countries with resources are able to ignore the pandemic, thus affecting the rest of the world. If a country ignores the pandemic, the virus will mutate in that paradise, and that mutation will affect the rest of the countries. The same will happen if a country decides to carry out nuclear tests again, to emit harmful gases … well, the examples may never end.

The fact is that the issue of using Artificial Intelligence to globally manage problems is something that has already been dealt with in the world of cinema. Intelligences that come to the conclusion that the best thing for the planet is for the human being to disappear, for example, something that could be a reality if said artificial intelligence has some serious problem in its programming.

Because a program is a program, there are human programmers behind (for now), and in order to create a system capable of making global decisions, it will be necessary to establish some fundamental variables, such as maximizing the survival of our race and that of other animals. that this variable will be enough to create solutions that do not destroy the environment (without the environment there is no life, and decisions must respect life above all else). It is not possible to fall into the Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson with current technology.

What cannot be done

Artificial intelligence serves to frame a problem and design a solution, machines do not learn, there are human scientists and engineers who say all the time what to do, they do not have personal motivations or strategic learning plans like humans, all they can do is perform impressive statistical calculations and advise based on those data.

Today’s AI systems have been said to be idiotic wise on many occasions. We are a long way from imagining AI at the human level, so if we want to solve the world’s problems we will have to sit at the same table and negotiate so that everyone wins, something that we are not very good at, by the way.

What could be done

What an Artificial Intelligence could do is analyze the resources of each region of the planet and establish a strategy sustainable so that there is an intelligent distribution of them. I’m not talking about communism, I’m talking about strategy, about finding business models adapted to each region of the planet, each culture, each way of working, so that there is a tsunami of efforts aimed at achieving a common goal.

An AI could say: To reduce the planet’s temperature by one degree in the next 10 years, country A would have to stop mining copper and planting corn, which it would export to country B in exchange for a 10% reduction in meat that it would send to country C … something that escapes us, something that a human could not know because he does not have how to analyze all that data.

Of course, to get to that point, it would be necessary for all countries to feed often confidential information to a single system, and that is something that only happens in science fiction books.

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