Crazy Gadgets 16: authentic seizure products

How to recover the ports that are disappearing from our computers

Here’s a ration of Crazy Gadgets to liven up the weekend.

April Fools Day and there was no lack of prank pots, but all you’ll see below are gadgets so crazy you wouldn’t think they existed.

As usual, reality surpasses fiction And the following gadgets prove it once again. Not only these, but also all the ones we have seen in all the editions of Crazy Gadgets that you can consult here.

The bottle of wine with WiFi that we have never asked for

The Internet of Things thing has gotten out of hand and that has only just begun. It is called Kuveyms that a bottle of wine is a cover for them.

kuvee smart wine bottle wifi

It is hollow and inside we put the bottle of wine that we are going to consume. It keeps it for 30 days, but not only that, but it includes a led screen It shows the information of the wine, its flavor profile and the quantity left. It gets out of hand.

The smartphone-shaped pistol, what we were missing

For some reason a company has thought of creating the Ideal Conceal and it is not a smartphone despite its design, but is a pistol, a real one.

That is, the parts of the gun can be moved to create a compact phone-shaped body, but once deployed, it is a real firearm, and surely it is not very funny to the security forces. It costs $ 395.

An epinephrine chutede in your wallet

A major allergic reaction can put a person’s life on the line. The creators of AdrenaCard do not want this to happen, so they have created a device of reduced size, such as a credit card but thicker, that puts a epinephrine shot when you need it most.

It is as simple as removing the protection and injecting it so that the epinephrine is released. It is passing the FDA tests and will hit the market in 2018.

Codeybot, or how to teach kids programming while having fun

CodeyBot is another one of those robots that aim teach the little ones how technology works in a simple and adapted way.

It includes internal accelerometers, expressions thanks to its LED panel, it can play music, control itself from a mobile app and much more. It has been fully funded in just a few days. All the details on the project website.

SpeedX Leopard, the smartest air bike ever created

speedx smart bike

In previous editions we closed with the Xiaomi bicycle, this time we talked about the SpeedX Leopard which is probably the smartest aero bike factory that has never been manufactured.

Made of carbon fiber, with an integrated computer capable of recording all kinds of activity metrics. We are not going to detail everything it offers, because everything is perfectly explained in KickStarter, where has already raised more than $ 1.2 million. It can be yours from $ 1,199.

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