Crazy Gadgets 17: we all came up with it, but none of us dared

Crazy Gadgets 17: we all came up with it, but none of us dared

We go one more week with a round of Crazy Gadgets.

Pistol lighters, drones to cut your nails everything is possible in Crazy Gadgets, a section in which we collect the rarest-bar-cool on the planet, every weekend.

Remember that you can read and see the craziest pots in all previous editions from this link, if you are not satisfied, no, seriously, there are very crazy things.

The most hipster GPS speedometer you will find for your bike

If you are a cyclist and you are looking for a cycle computer, look at this Omata One. Buying a Garmin is too seen, if you are a lover of the classical and analogicalBut you don’t want to leave technology behind, this may be the definitive device for your bike.

With an analog dial, the Omata One marks its distance, speed, climb and time with its hands, but it also actually includes a sensor GPS-Glonass, Bluetooth 4.0, ANT + Yes, it has a look and that is why you are sticking it in KickStarter.

WRENCHit, the tool that will make aMacGyver fall in love

Speaking of KickStarter, there is another project that is also hitting it hard, making over $ 100,000 in just a few days, and it is amultitool.

It is difficult to reinvent a multitool and make it attractive, but they have succeeded. With WRENCHit you fix the living room light, you press a radius of the bike or you open a beer. Brilliant.

The first VR glasses with eye tracking

The virtual reality It is fashionable and in recent weeks the main protagonists have come to the market, such as Oculus, HTC and even Sony with its PlayStation VR solution. Obviously they are not, nor will they be the only ones to join this fever.

The virtual reality FOVE glasses They include eye tracking sensors to improve the feeling of immersion, the internal screen is a QuadHD panel, it achieves up to 90fps and will arrive in May for less than 400.

Turn your smartphone flashlight into Bati-seal

You’re Batman, but can’t you tell anyone? You can at least do Bati-seal anywhere with this accessory.

It is 3D printed and creates the mythical Batman signal just by placing it in front of your phone’s flash. Best of all, plans are available for anyone to print.

LaGame Boy supervitaminized with Raspberry Pi

We finished this Crazy Gadgets with one of the most impressive projects we’ve seen in a long time. A fantastic has given a new life to your old Game BoyThe truth is that the only thing that maintains is the appearance.

Inside it mounts a Raspberry Pi Zero, a new rechargeable battery, more connectivity, you can play all the classic Nintendo games and even the cartridge has been modified to fit the microSD with all the data. Impossible work to assess:

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