Crazy Gadgets 21: Robocop loves Short Circuit Special Edition

Crazy Gadgets 21: Robocop loves Short Circuit Special Edition

We did not fail, one more week plays round of Crazy Gadgets.

Look, it is difficult, but there is no week in which the Internet does not surprise us that a new invention, a clunker that you never imagined could exist, but nevertheless, there it is.

We are going to review the highlight of the last days And, of course, don’t miss the previous editions of Crazy Gadgets because, really, there are gadgets for which you will throw all your money against the screen.

Tortillas for tacos, in capsules?

If the fever of capsule coffee makers has not satisfied you, Flatev is a machine that makes fresh tortillas for your holidays. cleats at the push of a button.

Insert a capsule and in a matter of seconds you will have a hot tortilla, freshly made. Madness? It is crazy that many users want, because their project on KickStarter is being a success and has already exceeded the necessary funding to get ahead.

The burning 20-year-old laptop keeps the mythical McLaren F1 alive

No kidding, this laptopCompaq LTE 5280 It is the communication tool that they continue to use from McLaren to communicate with the McLaren F1, one of the best-known supercars in history.

In its day, the laptop was quite a machine, but time goes by and it has become a headache because its components are already failing and not easy to find. From the manufacturer they are already developing a new communication system to continue supporting their clients. More details of this story here.

The plug that restarts your router when the Internet does not go

Acknowledge what has happened to you: someone calls you and tells you that the Internet is not going for you, what should you do. Have you tried turning the router off and on?Surely on more than one occasion your operator has told you as a solution to your problems.

With this plug / adapter you don’t have to. Monitor your router and if it detects that the connection fails, will automatically restart to check if the problem is solved. We don’t know if it’s a good idea, but you can buy it for around $ 60.

The Bluetooth pregnancy test that connects to your smartphone

What of connected objects It gets out of hand, and this has only just begun. The Pregnancy Pro is a whole Bluetooth pregnancy test.

For what? you may be wondering Well, this test connects to the smartphone to guide the user during the process, offers news and content of interest while waiting for the result and, depending on it, offers information on what to do next. WTF.

Bonus: the longest golf club on the planet

To close this Crazy Gadgets we leave you a recent Guinness Record: the longest golf club, with no less than 6.87 meters in length.

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