Crazy Gadgets 22: Space Invaders Edition

Crazy Gadgets 22: Space Invaders Edition

Let’s go with a round of Crazy Gadgets.

There may be a more mythical game than Space invaders? Martians have given us hours and hours of entertainment since it was originally released in 1978, no less.

Thus, we dedicate this compilation of Crazy Gadgets, a place where we collect the strangest that has come out online in the last few weeks. You have the previous editions here.

Avoid sunburn with this camera

In two days the summer arrives, that means that, probably we will throw ourselves to the beaches or at least we will go out and enjoy the Sun and good temperatures.

As always, we must be careful with the hours we spend in the sun and Take care of the skinThis little invention is called Sunscreenr and it is a camera that allows us to see if our skin is properly protected by marking the areas in a very striking way. All the details in KickStarter.

The accessory that powers the flash of your smartphone

To be honest, the greatest use I give to flash of my phone is to use it as a flashlight. On rare occasions I take photos with it on because the result is regular and if you move away from the lens it is useless.

To solve it est F.lens, a tiny cube-shaped accessory that magnetically places the flash and focus the flash light. Very, very curious, available from 17.

Samsung’s connected surfboard

For some reason Samsung has decided to create a surfinteligente table. Not that it will allow you to catch the waves better, but it will keep you informed of all your notifications while you are in the water.

The Galaxy Surfboard It connects to the Galaxy S7 (promoting its resistance to water), so through its LED screen the surfer can receive notifications and communications all types. Why because they can.

Say goodbye to any keyboard with this invention for your fingers

It’s called Tap Strap and it pretends that you forget any keyboard in your life, allowing you to type on any surface, only with the movement of your fingers.

Just as you read it. Tap Strap is a kind of foam rubber with sensors which is placed on all fingers of a hand. The movements and keystrokes are associated with keys, so that is what allows you to write on any part. It looks very nice, but it should not be easy to learn how to use it. All the details on their website.

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