Crazy Gadgets 24: Pac-Man and the ghosts make peace

Crazy Gadgets 24: Pac-Man and the ghosts make peace

Welcome one more week to Crazy Gadgets, a place where the pots of your dreams (and nightmares) come true.

This week’s edition is dedicated to Pac-Man, the mythical arcade game created by Toru Iwatanipara Namco. It is probably one of the best known games in history and it was only a few days ago that I turned 36 years old (It was originally released on May 21, 1980).

As a curiosity, if you search for Pacman in Google, the 2010 doodle appears andyou can play directly in the results. Without further ado, here are the Crazy Gadgets of this week, remember that you have the previous editions here.

Can’t miss a the Internet of Things gets out of hand weekly.Brita It is known for its jugs for filtering water, but this not just any jug.

La Brita WiFi is literally that, a water jug ​​with WiFi. What’s the point? The jug monitors the condition of the filters and their useful life, being able to order spare parts directly from Amazon. More details on the Infinity Sprite pitcher here.

The skateboard backpack you’ve always imagined

If you are one of those who need nothing more than a backpack to travel anywhere and you can not miss your skateboard to move quickly and almost effortlessly, then you have to know Movpak.

With Movpak you will have one of two things because it is literally one backpack that we can turn into an electric skateboard capable of 25km / h. He is fucking it on Indiegogo and it costs 699 dollars.

The device that informs you of your food intolerances

Do you know of any food that always makes you feel bad? It happens to all of us and now you can create your own personal profile thanks to AIRE. It is a simple device that analyzes the breath to determine the different levels of intolerance of each person to food.

A reading of the breathing before and after eating a food, so that AIRE determines the compatibility with you, improving the results the more readings are made. In September, his financing campaign will come out, all the details on his website.

PC-backpacks to enjoy virtual reality anywhere, the latest fashion?

Finally we leave you with the Backpack PC the latest invention from computer manufacturers that directly splashes into virtual reality.

As translated, they are authentic computer backpacksHigh-performance, backpack-mounted PCs and prepared for virtual realitySo solutions like HTC Vive or Oculus Rift can be used anywhere and with all the equipment in your own body. Do we tell you all the details of this new fashion? which have already signed up MSI, HP and more brands:

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