Crazy Gadgets 26: give me a Raspberry Pi and I will move the world

Crazy Gadgets 26: give me a Raspberry Pi and I will move the world

Welcome one more week to Crazy Gadgets, a section in which we make very curious inventions and for which in most cases we would pay.

The main object of this edition is our beloved Raspberry Pi, no model in particular, since they have all had their moment and, together, they have contributed to the messing that we like so much.

Here you can find dozens, hundreds of projects with Raspberry Pi, accessories, guides and much more. Of course, if you’ve missed any Crazy Gadgets, you have them all here, too.

Glasses to commemorate shots rounds from a single angle

When some friend starts shot roundsThat is hard to stop and the night can end badly. However, you can remember what happened by recording everything from a different point of view.

You just need a Polaroid Cube (that little cube-shaped action camera) and these shot glasses. The camera snaps into the bottom and you’re done. You have them on Amazon.

LG’s anti-mosquito televisions

indian lg mosquito tv

Now that summer is coming this will be good for many of us, since the happy mosquitoes appear.LG has prepared all anti-mosquito television to market it in India.

Is named Mosquito Away TV And while the television is working, it also emits ultrasounds to ward off mosquitoes, which in certain countries are important transmitters of diseases such as malaria. They reach the Indian market in 32 and 42 inches, from 26,900 rupees.

Add a fingerprint scanner to any PC with this Synaptics USB

Fingerprint sensors are more fashionable than ever on mobile devices, but you can also use your fingers to protect your computer without the typical passwords.

Synaptics has introduced these days theTurnkey, a very small USB adapter that adds biometric fingerprint reader to any equipment and FIDO certification. Not yet available, although similar accessories are already on the market.

The tongue to lick your cat, seriously

Bullshit or genius? If you’ve ever wanted to lick your cat, just like he does to you, now you can Licki.

It is literally a silicone tongue that we have to hold with our teeth and it is designed so that cats feel pleasure. This curious invention has already convinced more than 1,700 people who have bet on the project on KickStarter. You still have time to buy it.

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