Crazy Gadgets 67: renting a flat in Matrix

Crazy Gadgets 67: renting a flat in Matrix

Let’s go with a round of Crazy Gadgets to liven up the weekend.

What would become of us without technology? In Crazy Gadgets we collect weekly the most curious and cool pots that have landed on the Internet in recent days. Remember that you can find the rest of the editions of this section here.

Using a drone as a handheld camera

Drones have become authentic aerial cameras thanks to their stability and the image quality they can achieve. In some models it is possible to disassemble the camera to use it separately, as would be the case with the GoPro Karma since it uses the brand’s action cameras.

However, in the case of DJI it is not possible to disassemble the camera and the gimbal stabilizer from models like the DJI Mavic, its ultra-compact drone. The company PolarPro has created the Katana accessory and it is basically a grip that supports the Mavic and allows us to use it as a handheld camera, also including a smartphone holder that allows us to see what we are recording. It costs $ 50.

The Xiaomi Gimbal

Speaking of cameras and stabilization systems, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has launched a new product this week (beyond the new Mi 6), it is a gimbal for smartphones.

A gimbal an accessory that integrates a stabilization system electronic and motorized able to keep stable the camera that is placed on it (in this case a smartphone), so that all movements are smoothed and a great result is left. Here all the details of the Xiaomi Gimbal.

If you don’t have a boat it’s because you don’t want

Do you want a boat? It will only cost you $ 399.99. Well ok, you will not be able to navigate with it, but you will be able to give your PC a totally different aspect from the traditional one. The well-known manufacturer of boxes and accessories Lian Li It has in its catalog a PC box in the shape of a yacht.

It is completely finished in aluminum, it is indicated for mini-ITX boards, it has space for two 3.5, two 2.5 hard drives and even includes an RGB lighting kit with a control system.

Analyze the air with your iPhone

The Sprimo is now added to the long list of mobile accessories, a complement that will let you know what you are breathing.

The Sprimo Personal Air Monitor It is an accessory that connects to the Lightning port of the iPhone and works together with its iOS application to analyze the environment and show a detailed analysis of the air, of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and also of metrics such as temperature or humidity. A success on KickStarter.

The Automatic Guitar Tuner

automatic guitar tuner

Roadie 2 is the new edition of an accessory that will delight guitar fans. It aims to tune to the maximum the instrument without the person doing practically nothing but holding it.

It doesn’t matter if you have zero experience, Roadie 2 is automatic and is up to 3 times more accurate than the human ear. It is able to tune the guitar by detecting vibrations, therefore it can be used without problems in noisy environments. It can be yours for 89.

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