Create a "second skin" that removes wrinkles and makes you look younger

Create a "second skin" that removes wrinkles and makes you look younger

The solution to wrinkles may lie in a second skin developed by a team at MIT.

No matter how much you take care of yourself, wrinkles are inevitable; You can take them as a sign that you have had many experiences, although most prefer to avoid them as much as possible.

All kinds of creams have been devised to combat wrinkles, with arguable and insufficient results to really look younger. In the end, most people resign themselves to wrinkles, or go through the operating room to stretch their skin as if it were Carmen Sevilla.

Now, thanks to a recent study published in Nature Materials, operations and potingues can pass to a better life thanks to a second artificial skin that eliminates wrinkles, eye bags, and other blemishes on our skin.

Is this the end of wrinkle creams?

This is a movie called XPL, which is enough resistant and flexible enough to withstand the constant movements of our face, but that still sticks completely to our skin, making it appear that it has a firmness that it does not have.

The secret of this second skin is that it is actually made of two different materials; first you have to apply a layer of polysiloxane, a type of transparent silicone layer like polymer. This is the layer that remains in contact with the skin and the one that allows applying a second material.

Then a platinum catalyst is applied, which reacts with the polymer and rearranges the molecules into a rigid mesh, which prevents the skin just below from wrinkling.

In total, this second skin is just 70mm thick, half the thickness of a banknote, so it is almost impossible to detect it with the naked eye; Those who have worn it, assured that they did not notice it on top, honoring the title of second skin.

A second skin that removes wrinkles

Testing on humans has already started, and the results surprised their creators, who were initially looking for a way to keep skin hydrated.

In that sense the experiment was not a great success, but that did not matter as soon as they saw that the layer was able to hide the effects of aging on the skin, such as wrinkles and bags under the eyes. To make sure the change was real, they took 3D photographs of the volunteers’ skin surface, and found that once four hours after applying the XPL, the skin was twice as smooth.

An interesting detail of this second skin is that we can remove the upper layer as easily as we remove the pieces of skin when we have burned, while the lower layer remains there and is as difficult to remove as we can tear off our own skin.

This second skin may have other benefits, aside from cosmetics; for example, could serve to apply materials that block ultraviolet rays or protective creams.

The development, which has already been working for nine years, still has a long way to go, especially since in order to reach the market, it will first have to convince the health authorities that wearing a similar layer on it will not cause major problems for our skin.

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