Create audio rooms with guests and moderators from the web in an Opensource project

Audio rooms are catching on, fueled by the podcast fever (more one-way) and Clubhouse (the app of the moment, though only for iPhone). Being able to create a room and let the audience participate actively is being very attractive to many, but there are open source solutions that only depend on a browser to function.

One of them is Jam, available in and very easy to use.

We just have to give the name and description to the room and press the button. At that time we will have to copy the generated url and disseminate it, so that other people can participate in the session.

When people connect, we will see their avatar and name, with the option for the moderator to upload them to the room to participate in the debate.

It is an open source project that still has a lot to offer. At the moment there are no user profiles, everything is anonymous, there are no public rooms and there is not much spam control, although at any time the moderator can remove the users from the stage and return it to the audience if he deems it necessary.

While Clubhouse does not launch a version for android (initially thought for March 17 but already postponed for later, indefinitely), a large part of the population is being left out of this new way of doing social web, so projects like Jam can help satisfy that thirst for communication.

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