Create custom maps from Google Maps

Create custom maps from Google Maps

Sharing maps with your location or that of your business with Google Maps gives a useful touch to our page, but it is also true that they are all the same. Google does not allow customizing the maps and that shows. Now we can create custom maps from google maps.

All thanks to Snazzy Maps, a website that collects different styles that we can apply simply by copying code and pasting it on our website. The Javascript code includes changes to the style sheet to get maps of new aspects to each one more interesting.

Your custom Google Maps maps pasting code

google maps snazzy maps 1

For example, if we have a blog dedicated to Apple, we are interested in the map being similar to the style used by the company, or if so many colors are useless, we can use a gray scale.

google maps snazzy maps 2

We can also give more importance to the names of the places instead of the whole street plan with themes that darken the map and highlight the places. Or vice versa, if we only want a map of the place without distractions, we can get it.

google maps snazzy maps 3

The Snazzy Maps community seems participatory and there are already some very striking examples, although they will always be limited by the fact that they are only static modifications to the Google map.

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