Creately Introduces Team Collaboration Tools for Flow Charts

If you use to create flowcharts, schematics and such designs frequently, surely you know Creately, one of the most famous platforms in that sector.

Now they release new collaboration features, a new layer to allow teams to sync up faster, including in-app video conferencing.

The idea is to be able to hold online meetings that involve a common document or a shared screen, and for this they have added these functions:

– Monitoring of real time mouse– Synchronization of real-time preview– They convey changes as they occur so that we feel like we are almost looking at other people’s screen.

We synchronize what each person is doing as they do it. Before they even finish moving, pick a color, finish typing. We emulate the action of people on your screen as they do so, with millisecond latency, making it appear that you can see your screen. It is not the other end of a collaborative application.

Video conferencing within the document: it’s easier and keeps everyone in sync in context

They’re solving a problem together, and instead of moving to another app that locks half the screen to manage a video call, having it inside Creately makes it easier.

The canvas (work panel) is now infinite, they have thousands of templates and shapes so that teams can communicate visually, even if they do not draw well.

Visual communication helps a lot, he always has, and tools like Creately or Visme help to take a step in that direction. Now, with video collaboration and syncing, connections are further amplified, which can help improve productivity.

You can read more about the created functions at

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