Creating hiking trails on Google Maps is easier than you thought

Google Maps is a service that is always in constant advance to offer the best experience, even with good functions that you may not even know, as can be the case of the option that allows you to follow hiking trails or create them yourself.

The process to create and edit a path in this application is easier than it seems if you follow the instructions that we will leave you next.,

This option results from a Google app that is directly related to Google Maps and that It is called My MapsYes, they look alike but they are different. And it is that the latter is used to create custom maps wherever you are, leaving the possibility of drawing lines to have the route defined.

The steps to follow to create a hiking route with My Maps? They are extremely simple, and below you will see them in order so that you can do the job correctly.

– Download the My Maps app in Google Play. – Open it and click on the + button displayed in turquoise blue at the bottom right of the screen. – Enter the option Edit Map> Add or edit a route> Missing a routea.– Go to the place that interests you and click on the + icon again, in order to trace the route over the area you chose. In fact there is the option to draw a new line, in addition to Adding a new point, which serves for exactly that, having the exact locations of the areas where you created your hiking trails. – Give your map a title (an optional description is also allowed) and click OK.

As you have probably noticed, it is a process that does not take any time and that it will be approved by Google in a short time. So what are you waiting to try My Maps? Next we will leave you the download link of the app through the Play Store.

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