Crisp, the chat for your website that includes bots, statistics and shared messaging

Having a chat for a website should be much more than having a button with someone on the other side that responds one by one as if it were a WhatsApp. Customer service must be much more sophisticated, it must allow having several communication channels, bots to answer common questions, text translations, statistical functionalities that are difficult to find in this sector.

That is why we are going to talk in detail about Crisp, a multichannel live chat solution that offers the aforementioned functions and several more, all of them designed so that no opportunity is missed when dealing with visitors to our website. , and fundamentally of Improve customer service.

Let’s see the video first:

Shared entrance box

The first thing we have to bear in mind is that behind a website there may be several people reading the messages, it may even be that each one has a different profile, adapted to each type of visitor. For this, it is important that there is a shared inbox: the client sends the message and several people receive it at the same time, in a transparent way.

What Crisp offers is precisely that, but it also allows the people who are serving the client to do so from different channels, like WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, Email or live chat. As well as on the move, going to or coming from the office.

Once the message is received, you can assign one of the people, who will decide if he wants to activate the live translation of the message or even if you decide to set a Video call with the visitor who came into contact.

The objective is to optimize the work flow, allow communication to be more fluid, directly with the person who can best serve the customer.


There is another very important topic in the customer service industry, related to answering frequently repeated questions, or offering an answer when there is no agent available: bots.

Crisp offers the possibility of integrating custom bots thanks to a visual editor included in the platform. We can create workflows without programming, scenarios that will be activated at the right time to give the exact answer to the question that is being asked.

The bot will be able, during the process, to store potential customers as contacts and direct them to the appropriate team, sending the information to Crisp’s CRM so that the sales team has the visitor’s data well recorded.

The chatbot allows you to automate mentions, modify the status of conversations, send messages in several languages, complete the client’s profile, create messages on different channels, all with the aim of optimizing time.

Knowledge base

When we work with complex products, it is necessary to have an internal wikipedia that contains the answers to all the questions that may arise.

With that in mind, and always thinking about reducing first response time and improving customer satisfaction, Crisp offers the possibility of building a personalized knowledge base.

The software that makes this possible has a text editor so that anyone within the company can include and personalize content. It is possible to add photos, YouTube videos, animations, all classified into categories so that any agent has the data at hand when they need it.

It is possible, for example, to have a category of problems, with the different errors that a software can generate, and access the solution of each problem in a few seconds, thus offering a response to the customer in a very short time.

Each category can have custom icons and colors, to help visually more efficient and faster access.

Of course, like the rest of the platform, the knowledge base is multi-language, being possible to switch from one language to another immediately.


And we arrive at a key module in any solution designed to get leads, statistics.

Crisp allows you to deliver messages to customers who have previously contacted, we can do so by personalizing the data, so that it increases the probability of reading, including even images and videos.

These segmented campaigns use the platform’s CRM information to be able to send messages to people who visited your site a few days ago, or to those who are in a specific country, for example.

This entire module is accompanied by a statistical system that helps us determine which are the most effective messages.


And for users who need to connect external tools, Crisp has an API that allows integration with other platforms.

The Crisp API is perfectly documented at, and allows us to access conversations from other platforms in a secure way, thus centralizing the information obtained and being able to process it when we think it is necessary. .

These are just some of the features that Crisp offers. On their website you can see more details about them, as well as the integrated CRM or the applications that speak perfectly with Crisp, including, logically, WordPress.

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