Customizable illustrations for all types of projects

If you need a unique, exclusive illustration, but you don’t have the budget to hire a professional, you can get good results with some tools that allow you to generate and mix elements to obtain unique illustrations.

Today we will talk about one of them called Amigos, a web application in which we can select what we want before downloading the result of the assembly.

It is a tool available at this link, where we can see a side panel with the elements that can be selected and a right one with the result that is being generated.

They present it as a new library of hand-drawn illustrations that can be mixed in many different ways for our website, marketing campaigns, presentation images, avatars, or any project that needs something like that.

We can think of the topic as a building block game where we can:

– Mix character styles with accessories and outfits – Customize their emotions and body language – Change the scene to work, relax or a combination of tasks

We can also use Friends with the Blush Figma and Sketch plugins, to keep working without getting out of touch.

For a week you can try it for free in Blush Pro to access illustrations and premium functions, anyway we can always download the PNG for free in a small size, enough for many projects.

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