Cyber ​​attacks on Israel’s water system

As processes become more autonomous and computerized, they also create new risks, generating employment for security specialists, among others.

This is demonstrated by a new attack on Israel’s water system, a system that was already attacked in April, when hackers tried to modify chlorine levels in the water.

Now there have been two more cyberattacks, attacks that have affected Israel’s water management facilities, although they have not caused any damage to the attacked organizations.

On the one hand, agricultural water pumps were attacked in the upper part of the Galilee, which could have generated significant losses as it was not possible to automatically irrigate the huge fields of crops.

On the other hand, water pumps were attacked in the central province of Mateh Yehuda, according to reports on zdnet.

In both cases the problem was solved immediately and independently by the locals, but since there is a new wave of attacks on the country’s water system, it has become clear that there is unauthorized access to its platform. In the April attack there could have been a slight poisoning in the local population, while this time there would be more economic losses.

One of the first actions carried out was the password change alert sent by the Israel National Cyber ​​Directorate (INCD), mainly that of operating systems and chlorine control devices.

As for the possible culprits, they are believed to have been attackers from Iran, but investigations are still ongoing, so it is too early to draw conclusions.

It is one more example of the importance of dedicating resources to computer security at all levels, from password management to advanced configuration of firewall platforms.

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