Daylio, an app to track our mood

Daylio is an app for Android that allows us to record our mood every day, without writing.

It uses a series of emoticons, which reflect the most popular moods. Every day we can schedule a reminder so that we don't forget to record our day.

For those who like to add more details, they can indicate, with icons, the activities they have carried out during the day. For example, if they have been with friends, enjoyed reading, a workout, etc.

And if we want to follow the dynamics of a traditional newspaper, we can add as many notes as we want. All the details that we have added with the emoticons and icons are used to create statistics and show us our habits.

For example, we will see how many times a month we have experienced a certain state of mind or the activities that we have carried out the most. We can see all this data in different charts or by going through the calendar.

We can customize the names that the emoticons receive, as well as incorporate new activities. And if we want to keep our tickets away from the eyes of the curious, the app gives us the option to set a PIN.

All these features we mention are free, but it also has additional ones for those who opt for the premium version.

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