Deep Web hits TV with new Gary Oldman series

Deep Web hits TV with new Gary Oldman series

The so-called Deep Web made headlines around the world when the FBI arrested several suspects late last year and closed Silk Road, a website related to trafficking and the sale / purchase of drugs; at the same time, agents somehow managed to down a good portion of the network, in an operation that still continues to speak. The arrests made the words TOR and Deep Web fashionable among the mainstream media; they were concepts that until then only the best informed knew, and I encouraged creating an aura of mystery around the network. In reality there is little mystery: TOR allows us to connect to an alternative network to the Internet in which privacy and security are the priority. Obviously that attracted conscientious users, but also potential criminals.

The alternative network becomes famous

Now it has been announced that the American chain Spike TV has bought the rights to Deep web, a new television series They have to explore these concepts from a dramatic perspective. The protagonist is a fan of ordinary computers who discovers his dark side when he creates a portal where it is possible to buy all kinds of drugs; Little by little, he becomes a dreaded crime boss throughout the network and draws the attention of the authorities until he becomes one of the most wanted criminals on the planet. Breaking Bad with keyboards? It is quite possible that this was the other great inspiration of the project, but it is too early to draw conclusions since only that synopsis has been released.

The project not only attracts attention for the topic it touches, but for some of the names we see involved, such as Flying Studio Pictures, the studio of famous actor Gary Oldman; Also participating is producer and director Tony Krantz who was the executive producer of the first three seasons of 24 and of Felicity. The series is written by a relative unknown, Scott Gold, who to his credit only has a couple of chapters of La Cpula. However, the concept and the first two names seem to have been enough for Spike TV to invest in the project. It will not be the only series based on computer security that we will see in the coming years; the creators of CSIThey have also targeted their own being related to this type of crime, and the best thing is that it seems that we have left behind the era in which hackers and computers were equivalent to hitting meaningless keyboards for minutes.

Source | Deadline

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