DeepText, Facebook's Artificial Intelligence that understands everything you write

DeepText, Facebook's Artificial Intelligence that understands everything you write

Facebook Keep making the social network even smarter. The latest is DeepText, a recognition engine of your states throughArtificial intelligence.

Mark Zuckerberg and his people are clear that Facebook is part of the future of the Internet. It sounds strong, but it is, and they showed their intentions at the last F8 conference, with a scary long-term roadmap.

However, you don’t have to go into the future to see their latest progress. Facebook’s new artificial intelligence is called DeepText and be able to read and understand all your states with almost human precision.

DeepText, the Facebook AI that understands what you share

A few weeks ago we learned about Facebook image recognition AI, a solution that can absolutely recognize all the details of a photograph and its context, being able to describe it by voice messages, so that the social network adapts to people with visual disabilities. Everything automatically.

After mastering the images, DeepText goes for the text. This is artificial intelligence that harnesses the potential of deep neural networks, so you can understand what users are writing in real time.

From the company they assure that it can interpret messages from thousands of users per second with a precision practically equal to that of a human and, of course, in more than 20 languages, something necessary considering the availability of Facebook across the globe.

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Currently more than 400,000 states and 125,000 comments per minute On the social network, let’s remember that it already exceeds 1.5 billion users and that is a lot of data every moment. As we say, DeepText analyzes text in real time and understands itHe not only knows what he says, but he interprets it as he should interpret it and puts it in context.

For example, with the phrase I have gone to the corner bank, DeepText will know if you are referring to a bank or a bank where you can sit and enjoy the scenery. There is a place where DeepText is already being tested and it is Messenger. The messaging platform is becoming one of the company’s flagship products, and the combination of bots and DeepTextakes its potential even further.

Artificial intelligence detects spam and offensive content

At the same time, the use of this artificial intelligence would also help reduce spam and serve as a system detection and blocking of offensive content In comments and posts, of course, it would also have a commercial use, for example if someone posts that they are interested in a product at a specific price, Facebook could show services or sellers directly

In the end it’s like a snowball: Social network enhancements make users spend more time there, share more, and AI learn from it. With this information, we will improve the displayed content algorithms, which in turn are native content, so in the end everything is on Facebook. All the details of DeepText on the company’s blog.

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