DeepView24, electric submarine with panoramic views from 100 m depth

So far it seemed that the only area that electric locomotion needed to conquer was the sea.

Proposals such as the construction of an oil tanker powered by electricity by Japan are an example of the effort made by some countries in opting for the use of this locomotion system for the propulsion of vessels.

This is how, under this premise, the American company Triton, based in Barcelona, ​​made the presentation of DeepView24, an electric submarine built with the capacity to accommodate a number of 24 passengers (not including the pilot and co-pilot) who aboard this vehicle They may have the opportunity to make underwater sightseeing visits with a depth limit of 100 meters.

In this sense, the DeepView24 presents in its structure a hull formed by a transparent cylindrical cockpit and large 14-centimeter-thick windows.

All this, supported by an air conditioning and pressurization system, which provide protection to passengers, so that they can feel calm at the moment of appreciating the marine landscape of the depths from their seats with total comfort.

With regard to its propulsion system, it is made up of 2 main engines, supported by 4 auxiliaries responsible for steering, which are powered by a battery equipped with the capacity to allow the submarine to make dives of up to 14 hours.

In addition to the construction of this electric submarine, the American company Triton has been responsible for the manufacture and marketing of mini-submarines with capacity for 1 or 2 people used in scientific and recreational dives of shorter range.

Another of the submarines that make up this company’s list is the spectacular DSV Limiting Factor, considered a deep-sea elevator. This, due to its ability to dive several times a week at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, managing to stay there for a long time when it comes to long visits.

The first in the DeepView series

It should be noted that the DeepView24 is the first in the series of DeepView submarines that the Triton company plans to build in different sizes, with capacities to carry between 6 and 66 passengers.

The intelligent design present in the DeepView24 has been applied with modularity in mind, so that its structure allows the incorporation of 6-seat sections. The 24-seat version has a length of 15.4 meters and a weight of 55 tons, although these measurements can reach an increase of almost 3 times their value in the 66-passenger variant.

In the case of the propulsion and steering of the electric submarine, these are controlled by the action exerted by two main engines of 20 kW (27 HP) and 4 Vertran thrusters of 12.6 kW (17 HP), which are powered by a lead-acid battery of 240 kWh power.

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