Design your resume using your LinkedIn data

When applying for a new job, it is essential to have an updated curriculum vitae, as it is the first letter of introduction when making an approach of this type with a company.

Although the main thing in this document is its content, the design is a factor that should not remain unattended. As an aid in the preparation of these documents, Standard Resume is in charge of facilitating this task, importing the data from your LinkedIn profile, to use it in any of the templates that its service offers.

This tool is responsible for completing a job that usually requires much more dedication in a matter of minutes. By using Standard Resume, you can forget about this concern that could be considered as drudgery for those who do not master design tasks adequately.

The templates of this service offer alternatives that go from modern and colorful designs, to some more classic and sober. According to what was reported in the same portal, these models went through the approval of personnel with experience in hiring.

To use this service, all you have to do is access a form in which you must enter the URL of your LinkedIn profile, to extract from there the information that will be added to the curriculum. Once the data is imported, the template will continue to be editable, to make all the pertinent adjustments.

In its free mode, Standard Resume offers the possibility of generating a web version of your CV, compatible with mobile and desktop browsers, which has some minimal customization options in the design. Its payment plan, which is currently with a 50% discount, allows deeper modifications, tracking the visits received and has the option of downloading the document in PDF format.

By default, the CVs generated through this tool are private, limiting their viewing only to the people with whom their link has been shared. You can also set your privacy to a public mode, both in free and paid mode. However, only the latter has the ability to deter its indexing in search engines, if you prefer.

In addition to the resume generation tool, the Standard Resume portal has a section in which tips are shared to make the most of the potential of this resource, both in terms of design and content. Although the articles are in English, they are still an interesting resource to consider if you are in the process of finding a job.

Standard Resume does not request credit card data to start using its free service and regarding the privacy of your personal data, they undertake to handle them with total protection, justifying that their only income channel is the subscriptions to their Pro plan. .

If you want to know more details about this tool and test its results, you can do it through its website:

In case you found this resource interesting, we recommend you take a look at another similar tool that we reviewed previously: Ceev, a browser extension that through a similar dynamic converts your LinkedIn profile into a downloadable resume.

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