Develop apps in Chrome with the new Google development editor

Develop apps in Chrome with the new Google development editor

Google is still determined that we don’t have to leave the browser to be able to do everything we want on our PC (Chrome OS is based on that idea, after all). Even schedule? So it seems, judging by the launch of the new Chrome developer editor, an app that allows us to develop web applications in Javascript or Dart directly from the browser.

Developing in the browser

Although it may not be as complete as other development environments, This application is more than enough to create webapps without getting lost in thousands of menus and buttons. It is striking how clean its interface is, but at the same time we have at our disposal the tools that we may need, we just have to start a new project, define the folder where we are going to save it and its name, and the type of language that We will use, and the app will automatically create the necessary files, create a basic structure and allow us to start writing.

On the other hand, if we want something more complete it may be better to opt for a complete editor, at least until Google expands its possibilities; for example, we can choose Atom, created by Github.

The Google development editor is already available in the Chrome app store, for now in a preview that is expected to improve and be expanded when the final version arrives.

Download Chrome Dev Editor for Chrome

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