Digipea, managing your favorite places from web and mobile

Enrico Bertelletti writes us to introduce us to Digipea, web service and mobile application aimed at managing and sharing our favorite places or the sites we visit often, both privately or publicly in groups of friends.

The information stored in Digipea will be in the cloud, so that we can gradually increase and organize the places, both web and mobile, with all the data synchronized. We can organize the places by categories, people, cities, etc. and add geolocation features, photographs, addresses or telephones, to turn Digipea into a personalized database where we have all the information.

From the information that we store according to our activities and leisure places, we can visualize the situation of the places on a map, make a call to them from the same Digipea and recommend the sites of interest to other friends. Related to this social component of recommendation of leisure places, in the last update Digipea has been integrated with Facebook and the search and invitation of friends has been perfected.

In addition to having the service on the web page linked above, you can download Digipea for iOS and Android.

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