Digital bookstore with books recommended by celebrities

Now that thousands of us spend much more time at home due to the confinement generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, reading has become one of our allies to relax our minds and distract us from the incessant bombardment of information related to this disease.

Options such as those offered by The Internet Archive and the scientific publishing house Springer Nature represent an excellent source for lovers of didactic and fiction reading.

However, there is a website where you will have the opportunity to access hundreds of digital books, which have the particularity of being recommended by famous personalities from different fields.

This is Most Recommended Books, a website where you will find a wide collection of books recommended by people like LeBron James, Steve Jobs, Emma Watson, Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Bill Gates.

Books classified by the occupation of the person recommending them

As we enter the web, we will see on the left a list corresponding to the occupations of the personalities whose recommended books you will find, such as politicians, musicians, filmmakers, journalists, executives, comedians, scientists, authors, athletes and actors.

When selecting a personality, we will be shown a photo of it with its name followed by the number of books recommended by it. Some names have few hits, while others like Bill Gates have a list of 215 books.

Whether you click on the photo or the name, the covers of the books will be displayed and below the celebrities who have recommended them, as well as the source from which they made the recommendation.

It is this last aspect where the developers of Most Recommended Books They put more emphasis by giving the user the opportunity to check the recommendation through a link that serves as an endorsement of the recommendation.

Despite being one year old, the developers point out that visits to Most Recommended Books double in number every two months, a situation that motivates them to continue adding more books to the existing collection.

More than 4 thousand books are currently available on this platform, which we recommend saving among your favorites to stay updated and see who will be the next personalities whose favorite books will be part of this interesting digital library.

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