Diigo updates his mobile application for Android

We haven’t talked about Diigo for a long time, one of the most important social bookmarks on the Internet, a tool by which we can store the links of our favorite websites in our own libraries, in which we can also store images and notes. Diigo also allows us to have our network of users that we follow, participate in user groups, and even see the most prominent bookmarks.

Just yesterday, Diigo released version 2.0 of his mobile application for the Android platform loaded with news, starting with the necessary change that his user interface needed, allowing from now on the management of notes, images, messages and social bookmarks. In addition, it also allows you to slide elements to access the actions menu, search for elements in our library, and even add other elements to different lists and bookmarks from other browsers or applications. This version adds support for both smartphones and smartphones, specifically Google’s Nexus 7.

In the file itself they indicate that it is only the beginning, since they promise to continue with the improvements in their application for the Android platform, so it tells us to be vigilant. Diigo for Android is freely available on Google Play for devices from Android 2.2 onwards.

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