Discord has a new Clubhouse-style voice chat feature

Discord launched a new proposal based on the potential of voice chats.

While voice channels have long been a part of Discord, they now gain more prominence with a new type of channel available for Community servers.

New Voice Channel on Discord Clubhouse Style

We have already seen many new initiatives based on voice chats since the Clubhouse became a boom. And now, Discord is taking a look at this trend with a proposal that gives a new perspective to its voice channels.

This new dynamic is developed through a new type of channel called Stage, with live audio conversations with an audience of listeners. Yes, there will be a virtual audience that will follow the audio conversation of several users live, as you can see in the image above.

So unlike voice channels, which each user can speak freely, this new channel aims at a more structured system for live events, an audio conversation in front of a group of listeners. When a user enters one of these channels they are automatically muted and included as part of the audience.

Of course, you can tell who is speaking and who is in the audience. And you can also ask to speak, but it will be the moderator who authorizes your participation. What is this new proposal for? The Discord team provides some suggestions when it mentions that it would be ideal for a book club or an Ask Me Anything session.

These new channels are now available on iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, macOS, and on the web version of Discord. This gives it a great advantage over the rest of the proposals based on voice chats, since most are limited to certain platforms or small groups.

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