Do you want your own Curiosity? NASA explains how to make your own Martian rover

Do you want your own Curiosity? NASA explains how to make your own Martian rover

If you want a rover like Mars but more like walking around the house, NASA shows you how to do it. Simple and for the whole family, the dependent entity of the US State has published some manuals to show how it would be to build a replica of the Martian rover; and it works of course.

It is a replica, specifically, of the Curiosity, the robot that has been on the surface of the red planet since 2011. The published manuals belong to the JPL Open Source Rover program (Open Source Project of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Rover in Spanish).

Build your own Curiosity step by step

replica curiosity jpl rover martian complete

The planes, both electrical and mechanical, together with images, in addition to the manuals, are located on GitHub. Of course, the robot is based on a Raspberry Pi, the universal computer for this type of project. So, if you are fond of electronics, you probably have one of these around the house.

But don’t think that the Raspberry Pi It is the only thing that will have to have in your possession: you will also have to go through the hardware store to buy screws, metal panels and other components, both mechanical and electronic. To control it, we can use the free application for Android.

curiosity replica rover mars jpl

The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the original creator of the rover, believes that once finished the costs will be around 2500 dollars. Therefore, it is not a children’s project, nor a project for people who do not know if they will be able to finish it. However, imagine being able to say that you have a (scale) replica of the same robot that is on Mars; It will be totally amazing.

Apart from the 2,500 dollars to spare (who had them to be able to dedicate them to this), surely we will need a lot of patience when it comes to construction; apart from the time necessary to acquire all the pieces, of course, because they feel like too much.

Go to the GiHub of the JPL Open Source Rover

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