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Save battery with Chrome and the new smart Flash control

With the arrival of Chrome 42 Google fulfills one of the threats that we have been hearing for months: the end of plugins.

The end of plugins that do not follow Google’s guidelines, rather. Why not fear, Adobe Flash is still perfectly usable; however you will find that Chrome no longer allows you to run Java, Silverlight and other widely used plugins, known as plugins NPAPI.

In Chrome 40 it has already been implemented that this type of plugins not run by default, but the user was offered the possibility of executing them equally; That has changed now, and we no longer have that option. When it is necessary for one of these plugins to load, we will no longer be able to run it, but rather a box will appear in its hole to warn that this plugin is not supported.

Chrome 42 says goodbye to obsolete plugins

The key is that Chrome implemented a new API for this type of plugins, called PPAPI, although only a small percentage of them supports it, including Flash thanks to the collaboration between Adobe and Google. After all, Flash is still widely used by many users on the network.

This is not the only new feature in Chrome 42. Notifications have also been renewed, which now they are push notifications. That means we can continue to receive them even if we close the web page that produces them.

It is something similar to what happens in mobile operating systems, in which it is not necessary to have the app constantly open to warn us of a new message or any other similar event. For this, Google has enabled a Chrome API for push and another notification API, to achieve this effect between the two using Google Cloud Messaging.

The dark era of notifications begins, in which we will not be able to do anything on the network without skipping a warning? The company is aware that this system can be abused, and therefore we will have to give explicit permission for these notifications to be activated, in addition to being able to deactivate them at any time.

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